No blog. not ever.

'No Hope. Not Ever' came out today and that's awesome and so many people have preordered it and the reviews have all been really nice and it's even getting stocked in the Soft Power online store at some point which is super cool 'cause they release all the dirty beaches stuff and that's awesome and everything's just awesome and yes.

Anyway, for now you can get the record from the Tiny Lights Bandcamp, iTunes or if you’ve got no dollar you can listen to it for free on Spotify by clicking on the words that I just wrote.

LAST WEEK i put the video for the single of da same name exclusively on The 405 but now it can go anywhere so for yr ease you can watch it below. it was dead fun to do and everyone’s been dead nice about it so that’s all dead fun and nice.

TOUR TOUR TOUR TOUR TOUR - I’m also going on tour with a full band made up of some of my best friends in April w/ our good friends PlayLounge and Joanna Gruesome who are two awesome bands and you should check them out by again clicking on the words that I just wrote. Here are the dates for now, but there’s bound to be a proper poster done by the wonderful artistic hand of Sam from PlayLounge:

9th April - CARDIFF - UNDERTONE w/ Greetings…


11th APRIL - OXFORD - Hopeful House Show w/ King of Cats + Poledo



The first 2 shows have Facebook events and you can get to them by clicking the dates and I’ll let you know when all the other dates are sorted and have facebook pages and all that social media bullshit.

BUT the tour isn’t the first gigs for the new record, on Tuesday night (tomorrow, duhhh) I’m playing at Castle Hotel in Manchester (my local!) with Best Friends who are awesome and you should also check out and you can do that by clicking their name that I just wrote. It’s organised by the awesome guys at Reeks of Effort and the facebook event page for that is HERE.

AND last but deffo not least we’re throwing a massive party to celebrate the release of no hope at my favouritist of venues The Cluny on the 23rd which is THIS FRIDAY!! the event page for that is HERE and that’s again with my bro’s PlayLounge who are coming all the way up from london and sleeping in my childhood bedroom ‘cause my parents live nearish Newcastle.

I’m sorry that this has been so long and such a bore but this is the end, all that’s left is to say thank you all so much for sticking around and letting me be able to keep making records and go on tour and meet all of the amazing people that making music has let me meet.Really exciting news coming soon that’ll change everything, but for now let’s just all enjoy the ride yeah.

Love you forever, Oliver xxxoxoxoxoxox

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