"I am no rainbow, I am the man amongst us, you are the people, and we are together" - my flatmate (just then)

good win for boro yesterday against league leaders blackburn, steve keane will be crying into his kellogs. but back to business. over the last week and a half, a lot of things have been said by a lot of different people. some of the true, most of them true. all of them true. 

Firstly, the album that i’ve been bangin’ on about is called Bos Taurus and is out on November 5th and the tracklisting looks a little something (exactly) like this:

Secondly, I’m going out on a very short, very broken up world tour, so far consisting of three shows. I’m playing 2 shows (so far) in New York for CMJ in October, then I’m going to Sweden to play with my super good friends Simian Ghost on November 16th.

Back to the first point again though, the first two tracks off of the album (and o weirdo, obviously) have been released in various forms and you can hear them below. Soda Scream is on the Artrocker site and Condominium is on The 405.

THIRDLY. we shot a video for Condominium the other day featuring punk rock heart throbs Playlounge and sad sassy gal Ides and it looks great, that’ll hopefully be out in the next 2 weeks or so.

ANYWAY I’M GOING TO LEEDS. everyone wish Sam a happy birthday @coozak and there’s some tour news soon. hope to see you OUT ON THE ROAD.

Frainbow xxoxoxo

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